Niko Kari was not happy about Monza weekend - dangerous kerbs should be removed

Niko Kari’s weekend at Monza, Italy was ruined by other racer’s eager overtake opportunity. That meant the good qualifying position was wasted.

Kari drove well at qualifying, grabbing ninth slot of the grid. Hopes for good amount of points were destroyes at the very first laps of the Feature race, when Kari received another car to his Trident’s sidepod. Damages meant Kari was forced to retire and watch the rest of the race from the sidelines.

A little bit later Formula 3 folk saw something horrifying, when Alex Peroni’s car took off from the ground landing to the wall. Luckily Peroni suffered “only” minor injuries from an accident, which had all the possibilities to be much more serious.

Kari didn’t hide his anger when talking about “sausage kerbs”.

– They are really dangerous. FIA should think some other ways to prevent drivers driving too deep. Gravel would be great option. It’s better stop the car, not  help it to take off.

For his own race Kari tried to find some humour besides bad luck.

– It’s a shame, retirement wasn’t my fault. Bad luck at Saturday meant Sunday’s race was also pretty much ruined. It is what it is. I don’t know should I go to the church and pray for some better luck.

The final round of Formula 3 season 2019 will be held at Sochi, Russia at the end of September.