Niko Kari on top form - second fastest time at Paul Ricard

©Dutch Photo Agency

Formula talent Niko Kari was very satisfied how the first official test days of FIA Formula 3 Season 2019 went. Finnish driver got a good feeling for the new car, and that is very promising for the coming season.

On the second test day at Paul Ricard Kari and his new team Trident were pondering with the setup at the afternoon session. kari clocked many laps, which helped the team to gather a lot of useful data.

After the lunch break minor setup problems were tweaked, and Kari was flying. He managed to deliver both fast laps and important long runs, which helps to develop the car. At the end of the day Kari stormed through to clock the second fastest lap of the afternoon session.

Kari was very pleased what the day offered.

– We had some work to do at the morning, but we managed to fix everything. The car was working and feeling better and better all the time, Kari says.

For this season drivers and teams have to find a brand new ways to get everything out of their cars. New equipment means the situation is the same for everyone.

To his new team Trident Kari is extremely happy.

– Everything has been working so well, since I tested team’s car in Abu Dhabi last December. I like how the team works and handles routines. Team spirit is high, and everyone are very open minded. It will help me and us a lot later in the season, Kari praises.

Kari was also pleased with his performance on intra-team battle. He was faster than team mate Pedro Piquet, the son of three-time world champion Nelson Piquet.

Kari is happy with his companionship with Pedro.

– It’s great that it is so tight between me and Pedro. That means we can push forward, and not just ourselves, but also the whole team.

The next F3 test session will be held at Barcelona on 9th-10 of April. The same track will also host the first two races of the season. Lights go out 11th and 12th of May.

Formula 3 tests at Paul Ricard, 21th of March 2019, day 2:


1. Christian Lundgaard ART Grand Prix 1.48,786 (42 kier.)
2. Marcus Armstrong PREMA Racing 1.48,000 (43 kier.)
3. Leonardo Pulcini Hitech GP 1.48,904 (26 kier.)

25. Niko Kari Trident 1.50,453 (27 kier.)


1. Yuki Tsunoda Jenzer Motorsport 1.49,301 (25 kier.)
2. Niko Kari Trident 1.49,373 (35 kier.)
3. Pedro Piquet 1.49,487 (33 kier.)