Niko Kari had a weekend to forget at Silverstone

Not much will be remembered for Niko Kari at Silverstone race weekend this year.

Kari qualified at the grid number 12, the best the Finn could do. In the feature race Kari drove very well and was on course for points finish, when fellow competitor hit Kari. Puncture meant Kari was instantly out of contention for top positions.

Results for Saturday also meant Kari’s race at Sunday was compromised.  Nail to the coffin happened at the start, when Kari’s car stalled. After that all the changes for at least some points were gone.

Kari was of course dissapointed, but he know there is no need to cry for the past.

– Focus is now on the future. There is a lot of work to do, but giving up is not an option.

Formula 3 season continues at Hungaroring at the start of August.