Top form for Niko Kari - quickest on both test days!

Lähikuva Niko Karista MP Motorsportin ratissa

Niko Kari was on spectacular mode in the last test days of season. Finnish ace kept up the best pace on both days he tested.

Kari took over Trident’s GP3 car only a few days after his race in Formula 2 category at the same race track. It took no time for Kari to get used to his new vehicle, as he set the fastest lap time in the morning’s practice session.

At the end of the first test day Kari had gained a of laps, but also crucially the fastest time of the day.

Second day showed Kari’s speed is unquestionable. Again he was fastest of them all. Also with the speed Kari gathered a great amount of data for Trident team.

Now it’s time for short winter break. Even not racing, Kari is eager to exercise and keep up his levels to be back in action next season.

Mister Niko Kari would also like to thank all his partners for this season. Now it’s time for focus fully on future and see what it brings. One thing is certain: Niko Kari is ready!